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Friends and Stranger

All forms of prejudice are failures of imagination. To assume that all members of a particular group act the same way and share the exact same characteristics and values is as unimaginative as it is inaccurate.

This kind of mindless stereotyping is central to genocide throughout history. It allows us to hate or revile people we don’t truly know.

“Humans are sensate and aggressive creatures who crave the warmth and security of their own clan, and fear those who dwell apart from themselves. We will not hesitate to violently attack those whom we perceive as strangers.

Friends and Stranger is the iconic image. We love who’s on the inside with us, and we hate who’s outside.”

Giclée print, 17" x 23".

Game of Chance

Everything about the Final Solution was designed to maximize bureaucratic efficiency. Nothing was left to chance.

Within such a system, virtually no Jew could escape alive.

“I have talked to over fifty Holocaust survivors. I asked each of them, ‘How did you survive, when almost everyone around you perished?’

“Their answers were always the same: ‘Luck.’”

Survival was a game of chance.

Giclée print, 17" x 23".

Figure With Ghosts

This print juxtaposes an abstract image of a survivor against the dead. Splashes of bright color and strong, black lines are next to faint, grey markings.

Just as the blurred figures in this image seem to move, as if alive, the survivors of the Holocaust must live with the memory of loved ones lost.

“The original drawing just drew itself. Ink and pastel can render sensations that words just obscure.”

Giclée print, 17" x 23".


Like the figures in this print, the victims of the Holocaust were blown away by the violent winds of history. Hitler presumed that the world would not remember the millions of Jews swept into oblivion during his reign of global terror.

Had the Third Reich won World War II, the Nazis and their willing executioners would have probably succeeded in murdering all the world’s Jews. The bureaucratic and operational mechanisms were in place to eliminate virtually all traces of this ancient people and civilization.

“It is our capacity to remember and lament our inhumanity that restores our sense of shared humanity.”

Giclée print, 17" x 23".

Bird at Sunrise

This print is about hope in a violent world.

A bird in flight can be the symbol of the human spirit in both Western and Eastern art. The black wing speaks to the darkness in the human heart, and the blue and green wing to our capacity for growth and transcendence.

“Not surprisingly, this image is a favorite among many viewers. We must have faith in our innate capacity to soar above our sorrows and seek a better future.”

Giclée print, 17" x 23".

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