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CreativeLedge believes that the arts offer an effective approach to both reducing bigotry and promoting mutual understanding. At their best, they provide:

If nothing else, all forms of prejudice are failures of imagination. To assume that all members of a particular group act the same way and share the exact same characteristics and values is as unimaginative as it is inaccurate.

When people develop their creativity in a group, they have opportunities to grow more open-minded and accepting of others. Stereotypes get specific faces, voices, and names. 

Nonetheless, conflict is embedded in the human condition.

The question is:

How can culture creatively respond to the inevitable competition and hostilities over natural resources, financial capital, and political power in ways that affirm life and the survival of the human race? 

The triple bottom line of Art Not Hate is to help young people become more responsible citizens, good neighbors, and creative problem solvers.

Our children and grandchildren have no choice but to create a world beyond the Holocaust and Hiroshima. We must nurture both their creativity and empathy for other people with whom we share an increasingly small planet.

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